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Trekking in Nepal

Shiva Excursion Team Having Rest.

The world surrounding us is quiet and still.  We watch in wonder as white, distant clouds glide easily across the snow-covered massifs, revealing ever more spectacular summits. In the midst of these giants, we feel small and insignificant, but count ourselves lucky to be here in this place where nature rules.
MISS. Jessica & Sally Enjoying View. 
We walk slowly, placing one foot in front of the other, on one of the many routes that have been used for centuries.  The cobblestone steps, the rock-paved paths, the mud-soaked corridors ----- all conjure up images of people walking, walking, walking to small villages high in the Himalayas.  Often, we must suddenly leave the trail and scramble up the steep hillsides to allow a train of slow-moving yaks to pass.  The clank of the brass neck bells and the pungent dung left behind are constant reminders of their presence on the path.
On Way to Gokyo 
Our hiking poles are our best friends.  They are our loyal and dependable companions as we traverse the steep climbs, slippery descents, and uneven terrain.  We, many times, put them up while negotiating the lengthy, gently swaying suspension bridges which span chasms where aqua blue glacial melt tumbles and boils as it rushes downstream. Most of the time, however, the poles are in our hands, keeping us safe and stable as we trek.
MIss. Sally Speechless at Gokyo Ri. 
For us, one of the true joys of trekking is the occasional stop at tea houses along the route.  We sit on decks with the sunshine warming our bodies as we sip lemon ginger honey tea and gaze at the grandeur all around us.  Other trekkers talk of their adventures as we sit and socialize and listen to the tales of the mountains. 
Best Friend forever 
We urge you to visit this world of giants and experience the grandeur and isolation of close interactions with both nature and culture.  Whether it is Gokyo-Ri, Poon Hill, or any number of other treks, Shiva Excursion can arrange the perfect one for you!

Annapurna Himalaya on Back round 

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